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We are so glad that you're interested in Fresh for Less Home Delivery. Need some help getting started or placing an order? Questions about when you will receive your delivery? We can help you!

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Farmshare Austin is committed to providing our customers with high quality produce and groceries. We aim to provide excellent customer service through our Fresh for Less Mobile Markets, Home Delivery and Farm Pick Up.

Farmshare’s Fresh for Less Home Delivery uses its own delivery vehicles and a shipping and logistics partner to get grocery orders to their final destinations. Many Fresh for Less products are perishable and should be refrigerated or stored according to package directions immediately upon delivery. Occasionally, due to circumstances beyond Fresh for Less’ control, grocery orders may not be delivered on time and/or packages may get damaged during transit. We make all efforts to securely package groceries for food safety. If a third party delivers your order you can expect the same level of safety and timeliness. Fresh for Less is not responsible for the food’s freshness if the customer is not home at the time of delivery.

Farmshare’s employees and third party logistics partners are not responsible for lost, stolen or missing items once a grocery order has been delivered to the delivery address listed. Photos of drop off deliveries are taken when there is no face-to-face customer interaction as proof of delivery. If a grocery order is undeliverable due to a customer providing incorrect or insufficient delivery details (i.e. unreachable for communication, no gate/access code, incorrect or incomplete address, etc.), Farmshare is not responsible for the delivery of that order. Additionally, Farmshare is not responsible for distribution of any Farm Pick Up order that is not collected during the pick up window.

If there is an issue with quality or you believe you’ve received an incorrect order, please reach out to or call our customer service line at, (512) 553-6620. Please send a photo of the item(s) in question. Refunds and exchanges will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


Contact us at or call our customer service line at, (512) 553-6620 for inquiries.

If you need additional assistance, you can fill out the form below, contact us via email at , or call the Fresh for Less Customer Service Line, open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9am - 2pm and Wednesday and Friday 8am - 6pm, at (512) 553 -6620.